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Yani K. is "Antisocial" for good reasons

In this age where people spend more time on social media for self-validation, budding emcee Yani K. decided to take a new route and focus on being true to herself. The Maryland native wrote "Antisocial" during a period in her life where she spent the majority of the day on social media platforms looking at what everyone else was doing and using it as a standard against her own reality.

Yani came to the conclusion that in order for her to really live life, she sure has to step back from this perfect illusion and reevaluate things that do matter.  Armed with a smooth, effortless flow Yani details her thoughts and how she has to take some time off to detox over a soulful laid-back beat.

"Antisocial" is a song that everyone can relate to as it gives a true account of the pressures one might encounter when comparing their accomplishments of others amplified through social media to theirs. Ultimately her message to others is to not feel like they are losing when they see everyone else’s “perfect” lives on the internet and more importantly to take a break from it every now and again. Yani K is currently working on her sophomore EP Glass Half Full set for an early 2020 release.

Connect with Yani K : Soundcloud  | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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