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MONAD shares psychedelic single "Low Pressure"

Tel-Aviv based artist and producer MONAD has produced an utter triumph. With hazy rhythmic arrangements and whimsical electronics, "Low Pressure" is dripping in multicoloured textures and plays with the ethereal qualities of shoegaze.

Creating a fuzzy sound, the track exhibits a step forward in the musical direction of MONAD. He said via email, "Specifically for me, 'Low Pressure' is a kind of bridge between the themes on the last EP and this one, musically and lyrically."

Both mellow and gleefully dreamy, the track encompasses warming synth sounds and tasteful drum beats. Beaming like an early sunrise, the track is the perfect accompaniment to lazy-days."Low Pressure" is the first installment from MONAD's upcoming EP. "This record is about self-doubt", he explains. "About feeling lonely with other people but also with yourself, being a foreigner in any place you're in... This is definitely a more personal record for me."

Interestingly, MONAD rented a small cabin not far from the sea to set up his studio. Previously building a studio from scratch by remodelling broken tape machines and synths, MONAD has continued to explore his sonic creativity by experimenting with psychedelic influences. And as a result, he's produced this piece of shiny dream-pop gold.

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