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Andria Piperni begs us to "Say Something" in alluring love song

Canadian singer and songwriter Andria Piperni is an alluring fusion of neo-soul and alternative R&B, her sonic landscape unique yet utterly warm and familiar. Growing up, Piperni was often found dancing and singing to R&B sensations like Alicia Keys and Destiny's Child, and she quickly developed a passion for storytelling and human connection through music and performance. Meanwhile, her interest in songwriting grew profoundly as she discovered the power of words through the songs of artists like Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill. Now, the Montreal-based songbird has released her newest single "Say Something" - an alluring love song both heart-wrenching and reposeful. 

Opening with a classic R&B feel, the track creates a laid-back and downtempo vibe perfect for contemplation, Piperni's honeyed croons are visceral twinges on the human heart. Painting an all-too-familiar narrative, "Say Something" heavily emphasizes her voice with subtle reverbs in the backbeat. The tear-evoking melody perfectly captures the conflict of romance, a beautiful juxtaposition of soothing synths and a more poignant bass line.

"'Say Something' is about a situation where you're really feeling someone and you know they're feeling you too, but neither of you has had the courage to admit it," Piperni notes, "It speaks to the encounter of conflicting feelings of excitement and apprehension, that can sometimes keep us from revealing our true emotions and taking a chance on new love in favour of protecting our egos and our hearts. "

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Photo credit: James Traf

Alternative R&B · Neo-Soul · Pop · R&B


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