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Jackie Cruz pays homage to the strong women in her life with Hija de Chavez

Orange is The New Black star and pop singer-songwriter Jackie Cruz unveils her vivacious, fiery debut album. Entitled Hija de Chavez, this album is deeply emotive and personal for Cruz, with every song dedicated to the inspiring women in her life such as her tías and her godmother.

Named after her charismatic and confident aunt, the track 'Madeline', features laid back acoustic guitars and warm sultry vocals. The song combines English and Spanish and urges a connection with a sexy and more confident self. 

With stunning strings, colorful horns and soft honeyed vocals, 'Millie (Don’t Waste My Time)', details a relationship where you are in love, but the other person isn’t ready.  It’s about the struggle to find a man secure enough to be with a strong woman. She aptly titled the song 'Millie' after her aunt who has had many men waste her time. 

'Melba (La Hora Loca)' is a high-spirited track filled with upbeat, vibrant horns and spicy vocals oozing with attitude reminiscent of Cardi B. The song is a narration of strong women being taken advantage of by chauvinistic men. It’s called 'Melba' because it’s a dedication to her grandmother and everything she’s fought to overcome.

The album is a vulnerable side of Cruz that was not easy for her to share. Reconnecting with her father only to discover he moved on with a new family, wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. She has been through ups and downs, but it’s those female role models in her life that have kept her going and Hija de Chavez is her empowering ode to them.

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