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Walker & Royce celebrate Dom Dolla's "San Frandisco" with new remix

I was just having a conversation with another artist about yearning for the era of the remix. There was something special going on in the 2010's, where big artists would partner together to do unusual one-off mixes of each other's tracks, with many ending up in the dance music vernacular forever. Of course, in today's 40,000 release per day streaming era, remixes have lost much of their feeling as a special gift, and are often easy traps for artists to get caught in as they try to tow the line of maintaining a recognizable style. That is, unless you're Walker & Royce. The Brooklyn duo have remixed Dom Dolla' s witty and infectiously recognizable "San Frandisco" into something that is not only memorable, and demands another listen, but is something truly their own. Quirky left hooks take us through a circus of a tech house landscape, and it feels perfect. "I don't think I've ever received so many 'track ID?' requests from audience members in my career as a DJ. Well done fellas," Dom Dolla told Billboard Dance on his experience with this remix, even before it was released.

Dom Dolla Tour Dates:

  • November 1st - A.I. Secret Warehouse - Washington, DC
  • November 2nd - Kings Hall - Brooklyn, NY
  • November 6th - Trism - Columbus, OH
  • November 7th - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
  • November 8th - Royale - Boston, MA
  • November 9th - Vinyl - Denver, CO
  • November 10th - Stereo Live - Houston, TX

You'll also be able to catch Walker & Royce on Holy Ship! Wrecked this January 22-26, 2020, so check the links below for more info. 

Connect with Walker & RoyceSoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Dom Dolla:  SoundCloud | TwitterFacebook | Instagram


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