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Fiji Blue releases bouncy indie pop track "Day by Day"

Fiji Blue is a new act that is quickly making waves in the indie pop lane. Composed of Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz, they coined the term "sad boy chill house" to describe the genre of music that they make, and their latest song fits well into that four-word description. "Day by Day" carries the soothing melodies of an indie pop track, and the bounce of a soft house song that leaves room for fans to enjoy the track's relaxing nature. 

The song discusses taking a relationship one step at a time, but gives the listener the opportunity to take what they want from the lyrics that are filled with nature references and imagery. 

For how laid back their tracks are, Fiji Blue have quickly crafted an intriguing narrative around their music: little is known about them, they have only released five tracks to date, but have  amassed over 1.3 million Spotify plays. Press play on their newest offering, "Day by Day," up above. 

Connect with Fiji Blue: SoundCloud | Instagram 

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