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4ternity are animated and celebratory in new “Bag Alert” video [Interview]

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, 4ternity are a dynamic duo. Consisting of members Tay Krew and Lake God, who met through mutual friends and started making music together in 2013. When asked about the origin of their name, Lake God says, “We had a lot of support with college kids and I liked the idea of a brotherhood. Tay Krew and I had been working together and he became like family. I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other person, so we solidified the name 4ternity.”

They first caught the attention of audiences and labels with their first collaborative release “McFlurry.” Their sound is joyously melodic and they each bring a unique musicality to the project. They are both energetic with their flow and delivery, and the combination of the two men, both on-camera and through the music itself, is nothing short of genius.

Their confidence in their craftsmanship is evident. "I have a very unique voice," Tay Krew tells me. "A lot of the melodies you hear in our music are my voice.  I really can’t compare my sound to someone else,  it’s something I’ve worked on for a long time, and continue working to make sure our music stands out.”

In a short amount of time, "Bag Alert" has cultivated over 1 million streams on Spotify. It's evident that this duo is catering to an audience of people who want to hear and see more from the group. The video release for "Bag Alert" is the perfect addition and appetizer for what's to come. 

The celebratory visual has its viewers feeling like they too have been (virtually) invited to the party and for almost three minutes, exist in this night of celebration with the group. The guys are enjoying themselves, flexing money, with girls and carefree-living life. The video is edited with a distinct shadowy style and colored tints of blue and pink throughout. 4ternity curate their own mood for what celebration should feel and look like.

“We wanted something that felt young and fun—good energy and such, so the video was kind of freestyled. We shot the video in Atlanta.  We wanted to capture what a typical night is for us when we celebrate. Being in Atlanta, you saw a glimpse into that; money, females, good vibes and we just let the camera roll,” says Tay Krew. 

Embodying a youthful vitality, their unmatched and pronounced liveliness through their music and personality on-camera is one that will distinguish them from their peers, as they balance each other out and complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Noting their individual musical and personable idiosyncrasies, Lake God reflects: “as a group we both have different strengths and weaknesses. I try to keep cool because I’m passionate about what we do. But I’d say our strength is that we never give up. We’re relentless.” 

As 4ternity continues to grow their fanbase, their journey is still at its start. They continue to grow and experiment with their sound and EARMILK is definitely excited to hear what's next from this bubbling group. 

Connect with 4ternity: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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