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Wild Black urges you to find your "Moon, Star, Lover" in a unifying summer camp [Video]

In a time where the world is left arguing over who is right, defining the new wrong, and generally just shoving its own opinion down the Twitter throat, Canada's Elsa Gebremichael (aka Wild Black) eagerly reminds us of a better, simpler time in the latest video for "Moon, Star, Lover".

"Moon, Star, Lover" is reminiscent of a time where summer camp was truly the best time of our lives. Only in her version, it's aimed at promoting inclusivity rather than breaking tent building records. As director Lulu Wei put it, the camp "celebrat[es] our uniqueness, our queerness, our varying shades of melanin – reflect[ing] the camp we would’ve wanted to attend.” 

The video is able to paint everything in such a liberating shade of rainbow colours for the simple reason that the track itself is not burdened with heavy lyrics or a dramatic production. Quite the opposite, it's fresh and earnest, embodying the fairytale weightless nature of the night sky's landscape rather that its literal one. Stemming from Gebremichael's own story of change and coming out to a religious Ethiopian family, "Moon, Star, Lover" is not just a tribute to the misrepresented and mistreated but it's a confidence-soaked reminder of how far you can come with acceptance in your heart.  "I wanted to transform my journey and the honesty I was ready to express into something beautiful and fun that celebrates and focuses on queer femme and non-binary folks of color," shares Gebremichael. "Something that reflects who we are and the people we want to see more of in this industry."

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