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REMI achieves true connection on "Brain"

It seems like with every passing day, more exciting music talent emerges from Australia. It may be old news for those who live down under, but for the rest of us, the region has recently become a hotbed for progressive groove-based music. One act firmly entrenched in the remarkable music community in Melbourne is the duo REMI, A.K.A. rapper Remi and producer Sensible J, who have a new single out entitled “Brain” via Jakarta Records that also features vocalist Lori and keyboardist Simon Mavin of Hiatus Kaiyote.

“Brain” features a smooth, loving vibe in both production and lyrics. The unhurried beat from Sensible J joins an angular bassline and bright key flourishes from Mavin to create a dreamy atmosphere consistent with Remi’s words about an all-consuming relationship. With percussive delivery, he writes about making a special connection with someone that he knows will persevere. While he spends much of his verses rapping sensual lines commensurate with a new romance, he punctuates the vocals with a more earnest sentiment: “No matter how it pans out, you’ll be remembered / even though I’ll be by your side ‘til we both need dentures / ‘cause whether we’re deep in a love or we’re deep in friendship / I know that this connection is one beyond comprehension.” It’s a refreshing departure from the overused lustful crooning in the genre and provides Remi’s words with a deeper level of sincerity. With a stellar crop of musical collaborators in their corner, “Brain” is another example why REMI is the group to watch.

Connect with REMI: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Photo credit: Michelle Grace Hunder

Feature · Hip-Hop · Neo-Soul


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