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Rapper TASTE explores his Indian heritage with ‘City To City’

Belgian/Indian rapper TASTE releases his global sounds single "City To City," featuring hauntingly beautiful instrumentals from Indian artist Arman Ali Dhelvi. Exploring the textural plethora of India, "City To City" sees TASTE pay homage to his heritage and reflect his nomadic lifestyle reminding us how easy it is to loose touch with close relationships.

Influences from across the continents are captured in the sounds and vision of the single that are put together in a unique enthralling package. The song sees TASTE  showcase the land of otherworldly landscapes through his rhymes with a twist of culture. 

“City To City is just how my life has been as far as I can recall,” TASTE says. “It’s about going from place to place, having to adapt in diverse situations, wanting somebody to share it with but knowing they might not be there for the whole ride,”

The raw yet stunning visuals activate a deep sense of nostalgia with the help of Arman’s thought evoking instrumentals. We are taken on a journey through the cities of India as he documents vivid emotions taking listeners on a voyage through his lyrical storytelling. Set to continue his ascent through the music world, "City To City" is just the beginning for TASTE, his upcoming EP Suitcase is scheduled to drop by the end of November following a two year hiatus since his last project.

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