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Queer pop indie outfit Alae release soulful pop single "Hit Me Where It Hurts"

New Zealand queer indie pop outfit Alae release an emotional love story single "Hit Me Where It Hurts" today. Produced by Justin Gray, the single sees the band deliver their most self-assured and liberated cut yet, telling a tale of one-sided love in a springtime slice of slick soulful pop.

The single is sweet, groovy and infectious, a perfect number for those who have ever experienced a one-sided love story. The band say it's an end result of a transformative L.A. session by song writer and vocalist Alex Farrel-Davey. Alex highlights that the track is full of emotional sincerity with a twist: "It’s packed full of the same emotional sincerity as usual but with a new pop consciousness that’ll make you want to listen again and again - and again.”

For the groundbreaking video clip, the band sought out five acclaimed music video directors, with one simple concept: everyone had one minute to create whatever video they wanted, but without knowing what the other directors were creating. Tapping Chris Graham (Scribe, Smashproof), Greg Page (The Locals), Alexander Gander (Chelsey Jade, Finn Andrews, The Veils, Maala), Charlotte Evans (Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding, DMAs) and Petra Cibilich (Nika, Helen Corry) to bring their directorial talents to the project, the final cut shows just how universal the tale of unrequited love can be. Each director takes the brief for their individual chapter and runs with it to create the stunning and cohesive clip.

Connect with Alae: Facebook | Website | Spotify

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