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Find out what happens in "The Forest" in Houston X's new video

On paper Houston X's name might be deceiving, hailing from an ocean away from America's fourth most populated city, Houston, but as soon as you hit play on his music you will hear the relation from the London native. The sound sprouting from Travis Scott has been taking over hip hop over the last year. While there are clear inspirations here, Houston X's take has much darker implications. 

This video for his most recent release helps to convey the sinister nature of this song. We see him before and after the event that unfolds in "The Forest" contemplating his decisions. The vocal performance is erie and uses so many different sounds to accomplish its goal. The wild instrumental for this track is produced by DIEGO, who is a long time collaborator. One of the most interesting turns this song makes musically comes on the outro, changing the whole tone by dropping the harsher layers and implementing some disorienting visuals. This interestingly adds to the disease. The video is directed by Casper Masi as well as X himself. 

With only a few releases under his belt, Houston X has played with many sounds already, so looking into the future you can expect more experimentation from this young hip hop artist. Stay up to date on everything new at the links below.   

Connect to Houston X: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 

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