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Don't worry, Dad's debut single "Alligator" doesn't bite. But it does bop

Bedroom pop has long been a form of escape for young artists, a safe space where they may turn their diary entries into healing songs. For 19-year-old Kei Wells, it's been just that, though her only accepted audience so far has mostly comprised of her cats. With the release of her debut single "Alligator" (under the moniker Dad) earlier this week,  however, she finally opens up the bedroom door. What we found inside was nothing short of mesmerizing, honest, and downright refreshing. 

Warm and easily digestible, "Alligator" recounts Wei's story of moving to L.A for a musician who inevitably ends up breaking her heart. Through a lilting melody and soothing vocals, she manages to create a sound that is purely therapeutic, like chicken noodle soup for the ears. After a long time of keeping her music personal, she intimates that the track is ultimately "about me finding a voice and being able to feel happy and confident on my own. Plus, ya know, moving out and not being able to afford shit in LA." 

It's important to note that Wei's music isn't her only unique quality. Taking on the form of an animated persona (much like the Gorillaz), she gives her story life beyond the loaded lyrics. Her debut EP ( featuring Gallant, Wrabel, and more names to be announced) is slated for release in 2020, with continued visual support from designers and illustrators Beverly Johnson  & Cam Chan

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[…] 19-year-old Kei Wells finally decided to share her bedroom musings in the form of her debut single "Alligator" earlier this fall, we were immediately taken by its honesty and feel-good vibes. Expressing her […]