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Monophonics tease new album with rousing single "Chances"

There's a subtle art to creating music that sounds both vintage and current. The Bay Area group Monophonics are one of a handful of musical entities that successfully bridges the gap between soul music of decades past and the urgency of modern society. The band is preparing to release a new album in 2020 on Colemine Records called It's Only Us and have offered a preview of the project with the single "Chances."

From the opening moments of "Chances," Monophonics show that they would have been right at home in the artist roster of Stax Records while still exhibiting impeccable musicianship and modern musical sensibilities. Through a fuzzy and warm production aesthetic, drummer Austin Bohlman's irresistible churning beat sets the foundation for some powerful bass and guitar riffs throughout. All the while, lead singer Kelly Finnigan's bluesy delivery bounces through the mix with effortless charisma as he laments about giving people too many chances, with help from some delectable backup vocals. The relentless groove and first-rate musicality on "Chances" provide an exciting tease of the forthcoming album and show why Monophonics have earned such a stellar reputation in the world of soul music.

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Photo credit: Emily Sevin

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