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DLNQNT lets loose "Spiderman" with Lil B and So Loki

Pennsylvania rapper DLNQNT just unleashed a new track that is undoubtedly his best to date. "Spiderman" gets features from rap legend Lil B and Vancouver rap duo So Loki, aiding its not-too-serious nature.

The hook hears DLNQNT give a brilliant comparison of himself to Spiderman because he "lives on the net" and "loves Mary Jane." It's a hook that other artists will hear and wish they wrote. The head-nodding, heavy-hitting instrumental gets occasional dashes of "pew pew" ad-libs alongside short verses from So Loki and Lil B which pair perfectly with DLNQNT's charismatic and smack-talk-filled verse. 

"I recorded the idea for the hook and just laughed about it for a while," DLNQNT said of the track's creation. "Both [So Loki and Lil B] were enthusiastic about the song and just messing around and doing something fun and kinda stupid.” 

Press play on the track up above. 

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Photo credits: JoshDPRaw

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