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LeyeT has 'more thoughts' to share in sophomore EP

When L.A-based singer-songwriter LeyeT (pronounced "light") released her debut EP earlier this year with the apt title thoughts, she shared an astute insight into her emotional processes and empathetic observations. While we talked over her with our honest reactions and well-earned praises, she was busy writing up the end of her sentence. That is, her sophomore EP, more thoughts

Filled with six more tracks of gut-wrenching confessionals draped in feel-good pop, more thoughts is not just a continuation of the same train of thought. It's an evolving reflection on life, the spotlight she's in, and her ultimate growth. "This EP is a snapshot into my mind and life–a continuation of my thoughts which are always running," she shares. "I've been in a season of growth and independence which led me to explore themes outside of love and heartbreak, topics that were prevalent in my first EP. I've learned more about myself in the process and feel even more confident in who that is-a rather relentless, driven, free spirit."

One of the most potent examples of that new relentless spirit is the opening track, "Room For Me." Laced with self-realizations and gentle proclamations, it's LeyeT's own personal advocacy for self-care. A mid-tempo track with a subdued production, it gives way to the masked lyrics, exposing LeyeT's greatest strengths: vocals and a way with words. On "Trying Still", she reveals another personal battle. This time, rather than looking inwards, she radiates subtle wisdom in a patient, guitar-led composition on the effects of social media. "I feel like everybody wants to find themselves | But they can't stop looking round at everybody else." 

Powerful lyrics are not the only building blocks of this firmly standing EP. Adding in a variety of gentler melodies and a more diverse production, more thoughts feels more mature than its predecessor, even though they're barely a year apart. On the closing track, "Good Ones", LeyeT leaves us pampered, relaxed, and with a better state of mind. This is a pop release after all, and what good is pop if it doesn't make you feel good? Crooning vocal "ooohs" and a blithe guitar dance on top of a lightweight synth production, reminding us all that at the end of a dark night, there will always be LeyeT. 

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