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Everyone's moving to "Hawaii" with Lottery Winners [Video]

The delightful UK-based Lottery Winners share the exotic visuals for their escapist pop single "Hawaii". It's strange yet encapsulates the ethos of the band - make something people will remember even if the budget isn't there. And it's a risk worth taking when you're as clever as this band. "It's a pretty weird video, I think..." says front man Thom Rylance. Enough said. 

Yet with its catchy indie hooks and bass motif throughout plus lyrics claiming "we're gonna move to Hawaii and make a new start", the single is an indie bop brimming with lush guitar lines. Despite the paddling pool and horrific shirts, the real addiction here is that cruising, sleek bass weaving itself between the guitar strings and heart-thumping drum beat. It's pure bliss.

"Hawaii" is the first taster of the quartet's upcoming debut album. Delayed longer than first intended, it's on course to be an absolute smash. With their no-nonsense lyricism and indie spliced tunes, they're bound to have you standing on the front row of their shows very soon. 

Their self-titled album is due to be released March 13th 2020. The band have also announced their biggest show to date at Manchester Ritz on April 11th 2020. 

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