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GNGR has us all surrendering with this sultry new R&B track "It's Yours"

UK singer-songwriter GNGR returns with her style of atmospheric, soul-gripping R&B music as she goes all out on her new single "It's Yours" --a new project that unites her with producer David Spoils. From the moment the ethereal beat kicks in, the listener is engulfed with the highly sensual texture and sparse arrangement which creates the perfect space for GNGR's soothing sexy vocals and steamy lyrics. She adds that the song focuses on an untethered intimate connection between two individuals.

The title is obvious and the talented singer doesn't sugarcoat her passions and intimate elements from the get-go as she aims to capture the senses and keep the listener engaged from start to finish. "It's Yours" does run short of the typical three-minute mark but GNGR wastes no time to pack a punch with it nonetheless. This is definitely a brilliant return of the rising singer after a long hiatus and one we are all very excited about.

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