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GNGR debuts with a soulful downtempo record titled "Without You"

Alternative R&B act GNGR bares it all on her debut single "Without You."

Teaming up with producer Sampl, this track creates a soulful, laid-back soundscape to compliment her sultry vocals.  "Without You" is a showcase of GNGR's unique style of emotionally rich and atmospheric R&B sound. The record sees her yearning for a love that is doomed from the start, but she just can’t seem to let go and GNGR delivers a raw performance that is steeped in pure honesty and confessional lyrics, something we can all relate to.

Speaking about ‘Without You’, GNGR says, “This song is definitely one of the favourite pieces of music I have recorded. It was the turning point, where I felt that I had really found my sound and started to create the music that I loved. The song came about very organically, and with Sampl’s beautiful production, it was very easy for me to spill out my feelings and piece everything together”.

"Without You" is taken from her forthcoming debut project, which will be released at the end of the year.

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