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Molina celebrates her half Chilean heritage on "Parásito"

Molina's pop is always in a state of flux. Devilishly experimental, she artfully weaves her half Chilean heritage into the skeletal system of "Parásito," her first track to be sung in Spanish. 

Discovering that the language possessed a certain spiritual power, she channeled this transcendental energy into the release, puncturing the surface with moody guitar licks and haunting layered vocals. "I feel Spanish amplifies my message. The drama in the language makes it easier and more natural for me to be extrovert and emotional" Molina explains. 

"'Parásito' is a song about longing - about being so absorbed by love for another person that it feels impossible to get as close to that person as you want. It's about an urge so intense that the best comparison is the parasite's need for another creature's blood in order to survive."

This parasitic love affair transports the listener into Molina's kaleidoscopic world of shadowy synths and strokes of rich vocal harmonies. Her voice demands your attention - flooded with desire and an insatiable appetite for love and romance. 

"Parásito" is out now, with her EP Vanilla Shell set for release October 25th. 

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