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Gather round Jack Broadbent's rocking "Wishing Well"

When it comes to "singin' the blues", there is a misconception that blues music should be, well... blue. Folk-rock artist Jack Broadbent believes differently. Taking the best elements from the classic blues genre, his newest single "Wishing Well" serves up a tumbler of acoustic guitar that sings the blues- on the rocks, with an unbelievably catchy twist. 

The concept of "Wishing Well" is simple: "If you wait forever | Maybe | You'll get what you wanted". It's an homage to the age-old idea that good things don't come to those who wait. And if you do wait, you'll be waiting for a very long time. Though introspective and subtly rousing, the track's lyrics are not what classifies it as a keeper. It's the nuanced guitar notes, the swaying tempo that erupts during the chorus, only to settle down into a gentle current again during the verses. 

"Wishing Well" is grounded in its folk-blues roots, but reaches up and out with its rock flourishes. While Broadbent sings of waiting, he wastes no time in hurrying the song along to its pinnacle. The chords are almost hypnotizing, with a guitar solo that will lift the most stubborn feet off the ground, tapping along fervently to the elevated rhythm.  

Broadbent's fourth studio album, Moonshine Blue, is scheduled for release on November 15, with select tour dates to follow. 

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Alternative Rock · Blues · Folk Rock · Rock


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Melissa Brie
Melissa Brie
1 year ago

Love the new track! Can't wait for the album.


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