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Asta Hiroki partners with Muhsinah for a dreamy new single that exists "Between Love and Happiness"

You may not yet be familiar with the name Asta Hiroki, but if any part of you inhabits the world of mellow yet captivating electronic beats, the Brighton artist will be entering your consciousness soon if he hasn’t done so already. The producer and visual artist has made an impressive addition to his catalogue with the spellbinding new single on Jalapeno Records entitled “Between Love and Happiness” that features stunning vocals from Washington, D.C. artist Muhsinah.

The two make a formidable pair with effortless synergy as Hiroki’s hazy, thumping beat provides a perfect foundation for Muhsinah’s soulful vocals as she confronts a complicated relationship. The track has an impressive depth of sound for just two people between Hiroki’s intricate layering of samples and electronic elements and Muhsinah’s heavenly vocal stacks careening through the mix. For Hiroki, “Between Love and Happiness” is another showcase of his impeccable taste, deft talents, and a natural comfort in collaboration. He is certainly a producer to watch.

Stream or Download "Between Love and Happiness" here.

Connect with Asta Hiroki: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with Muhsinah: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Electronic · Feature · Hip-Hop · Trip-Hop


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