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GARZA's "Deep Blue" delivers a mesmerizing blend of classic Bossa Nova and Electro-Pop [Premiere]

EARMILK is excited to present to you "Deep Blue” - the debut single from GARZA, featuring vocals from Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Seann Bowe. GARZA is a collaborative musical experience conjured up by Rob Garza, one-half of the pioneering electronic outfit, Thievery Corporation. His new project dives deep into the creativity of a varied collection of modern sounds, artists, musicians, producers, visual artists, and videographers. "Deep Blue" is a mesmerizing soundscape that pairs timeless Bossa Nova guitar with a mixture of deep hitting trap beats and modern electro-pop production.

As flourishes of nostalgia hit with each strum of that acoustic guitar, the true charm of the track comes from the seamless interplay between Bowe's hypnotizing falsetto and the deep sounding bass. As with much of Garza's work, "Deep Blue" checks off all the right boxes for a tune that can easily be left on repeat all day. The gentle guitar strumming paints the picture of a warm beach, as that deep bass drives straight to the soul, and the soft crooning vocals romanticize the heart. The simple guitar play in the intro deceives the listener into thinking this is another easy listening Bossa Nova track. Because once that deep bass hits alongside a catchy finger-snapping chorus, it's impossible not to get weak at the knees and fall completely in love. 
GARZA explores a different musical palette of colors and textures than Rob Garza’s previous work…at times blurring the lines between ‘pop’ familiarity and electronic esoterica. After twenty years of Thievery Corporation, GARZA is the result of a veteran, multi-instrumental talent that continues to explore those remaining unchartered territories of modern art and music. It's an exciting new project because it comes to us from an industry pioneer with a respected history for churning out electro-hybrids like no other. His boundless form of creativity is crucial in a time where younger musicians are left having to crossbreed previous generation-defining sounds in hopes of creating something new. The upcoming EP is slated for release November 15 and is ideally suited for a shifting generation of music fans whose taste and interests are no longer bound by the limitation of individualized genres or singular sounding instruments.

Connect with Rob Garza: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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