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Tails and Juelz team up for slithering "Cobra" release

Within the concrete blocks lined with weathering trees and the brick and mortar slabs of sea-faring Vancouver, producers Tails and Juelz have teamed up for a release reflective of their city's fusion in culture and history. "Cobra", slithering by way of Monstercat, is pronounced in its harmonic deliveries and offers a glimpse into the deep contexts of experimental trap⁠—emboldened by the duo's harmony.

Opening with soft flutes reminiscent of a bygone-era and echoes of the far east, "Cobra" picks up almost in a pleasant surprise, entering a realm of melodic breakdowns and exciting switch-ups in constant flux. Intoxicating vocals flit in and out of the reverberating chord progressions, allowing the duo to encapsulate listeners into a soundscape of ebbs and flows, maintaining alluring hooks that ring true for those familiar with Vancouver's diverse population. "Cobra" is everything one would expect from a Monstercat release, and one that further illuminates both Tails and Juelz' talents.

Buy/stream "Cobra" here.


Connect with Tails: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Juelz: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Chill Trap · Electronic · Trap


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