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DEVAULT's newest sonic offering shines like "SAPPHIRE"

Once upon a time, in the sweeping vistas of Orange County, a young man had a hobby⁠—an outlet to experiment and to create. Soon, it became a personal quest to form something bigger than a unique venture: he wanted to spread a modern new wave sound, one that takes on dark rhythms and ethereal tinges, and clash them together in perfect sequence. Following up on his JADE release, DEVAULT is now ready to unveil the sophomore instalment to his developing audio/visual experience with "SAPPHIRE", released via Insomniac Records.

Whilst it can be a daunting task to follow up on a highly successful project, for DEVAULT, it's simply another opportunity to authentically showcase his roots, originality, and raw skillset once again. "I wanted to create something that pays homage to the music that got me so excited about electronic music in the first place," he states. "The new wave sounds of the 80's, the French Touch, and the rave music of the 90's, all influenced this record."

Fundamentally, "SAPPHIRE" embodies all that is DEVAULT's creative mentality to a tee. Like his Orange County roots, the track is a sweeping, cinematic vista; electrifying beats and chord progressions are fuelled by its retro glimpses, showcasing the producer's eminent confidence in his fusion of genres. Almost evolving as the track progresses, we see "SAPPHIRE" as not only a release that solidifies his signatures, but also one that signifies the forthcoming new wave he's about to bring.

The desire to create music and become an electronic artist has always been a hidden pulse in DEVAULT's life, whether it stemmed from his early obsessions over Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan, or analyzing the blend of fashion, film, and music altogether. In 2018, DEVAULT was tapped for official remixes with Rihanna, Lorde, and 6lack, amassing millions of plays on all platforms and being a crucial part of Rihanna's "Sex With Me" #1 spot on the Billboard Dance charts. DEVAULT has been most notably known for his remix of DJ Snake's "A Different Way (DEVAULT Remix)", which Billboard labelled as one of the top ten remixes of the 2017 year. DEVAULT went on to release his debut ep STAY later in 2018, which featured NJOMZA, Bipolar Sunshine, Matt Maeson, and Porches.

Buy/stream "SAPPHIRE" here.


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Electronic · Industrial · Trap


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