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Tissa Rahim returns to the forefront with 'The E.P'

Vancouver singer-songwriter Tissa Rahim is back in the forefront with a brand new 6-track body of work simply titled 'The E.P'. The project aims to showcase Rahim's exploration into Soul, R&B, elements of Persian music, and hip-hop. The singer already has a 40-city North American tour under her belt and has performed at House of Blues, Gramercy Theatre and other venues.  'The E.P' deals with the uncertainties of relationships but also the exciting aspects beyond all the gloom.

Starting off with the playful "Fuckboy Tendencies", Rahim doesn't care to admit that her current buddy is sort of like a boy toy and is ready to do whatever she needs. Both parties have mutually concluded on this special arrangement so third parties shouldn't get their panties in a bunch as she proudly sings on the chorus "...My man has fuck boy tendencies...". 

The follow up "Let Me In" goes into a more solemn department as she employs a lush, reflective guitar arrangement as the backdrop. Rahim delivers an emotional performance as she reflects on life after a recent break-up and finding the right amount of energy to move on.

"Better Off Alone" was inspired by Amy Winehouse and Portugal The Man and packs a punch with its jazzy soul arrangement and rich melodies. Rahim is back on her feet and is living her life post-break-up.  The final track " Lonely Anymore" is a soft nostalgic ballad that serves as an ode to being vulnerable and the feeling of wanting to be loved even if the outcome is unknown.

At 4 tracks and 2 radio edits, the EP is brief but sure has enough emotional content for lovers of R&B/soul/jazz reminiscent of acts like Florence Welch, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and even Lauryn Hill. 

Get it on Spotify.

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