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Husky Loops step out with riveting debut album

The U.K. trio Husky Loops doesn’t have to worry much about standing out, because their sonic aesthetic is one that exists in a universe of its own. With the release of their debut album I Can’t Even Speak English, the Italian-born threesome of Pier Danio Forni, Pietro Garrone, and Tommaso Medica deliver a set of hard-hitting tracks with compellingly unpredictable songwriting and relentless vitality even in the quieter moments. Forni also covers the production work on the album and proves to be a talent to watch at the controls with a fascinating palette of sounds and techniques throughout.

The first full song “Good as Gold” sets the stage with a pulsing bass pedal and intense brass samples over a danceable drumbeat. The ominous track is followed by a change of mood on “I Think You’re Wonderful,” which combines a heart-warming message and chord progression with some beautifully quirky samples mixed in. Husky Loops delivers some biting social commentary on the weighty, synth bass-driven banger “Enemy is Yourself,” before lightening the musical mood with “Let Go For Nothing” and the beautifully dreamy “The Reasonable Thing.” They round out the set with some lush harmonies and funky drums on “A Little Something,” a refreshingly honest portrayal of romance on “Fuck Me Naturally” with help from Mother Marygold, and an exploration of living against the grain on “Everyone is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me.”

With a grippingly eclectic mixture of influences that manage to coexist under the same sonic umbrella through Forni’s creative and impactful production, I Can’t Even Speak English is a thoroughly engaging LP from a group that is ready for new heights.

The album is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Husky Loops: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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