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Asmik's “NICE” is a colorful electro triumph

Electro-pop singer-songwriter Asmik's strong affection for EDM, Jazz and soul music has seeped into her debut single “NICE”. Produced by Grammy Award-winning PK and Garrett Wolfston, the track delivers wistful synths and vibrant electro soundscapes ascending into an infectious chorus. The lyrics provide a narration of intimate life experiences, poignant moments and the many milestones along Asmik's ascension to stardom.

Armenian born and now Los Angeles based, the songstress is inspired by classics such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin. Becoming further immersed in the EDM scene, Asmik, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and hit the studio running to craft dynamic sounds that find an intersection between deep classic soul and modern fast-paced dance melodies. Asmik shares, “I’m inspired by who I am today because I am at the point in my life where I trust and believe in myself more than ever. I want my music to encourage all girls to be confident and appreciate themselves."

Now self-assured and secure in who she is, she’s opening up and sharing something meaningful. Her profound music displays themes of love, happiness, failures, and success, allowing listeners to connect on a deep level. “NICE” is the world's first look inside Asmik's world and we can't wait for her to share more.

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