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Miranda Joan’s “Happy To Have You” is a stunning anthem of girl power

Canadian soulful pop artist Miranda Joan is all about female empowerment. Co-founding Femme Jam, NYC’s first all-female led jam session, Joan aims to create safe spaces for female musicians where they can foster creativity. Staying on that same outlook of female positivity, she releases her single entitled “Happy To Have You”. With her signature sound of free-spirited soul, the track showcases energetic uplifting rhythms and raw raspy vocals. Thematically the track is an ode to female friendships and this inspiring upbeat anthem celebrates a close sense of togetherness.

Joan was born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, Canada, but now resides in New York City. Her deep love for soul music and it’s many shades started from an early age with idols such as Carole King and Stevie Wonder. Her music praises strength and self-love and delivers an intimate peak into Joan’s life. Fusing a mix of retro with contemporary sounds, her songs are catchy, charismatic and deeply colorful.

Performing on national tours and playing sold-out shows all across New York City, she connects with audiences with her genuine light and infectious optimism. Check out “Happy To Have You” and become swept away in carefree vibes.

Connect with Miranda Joan : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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