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Whosah release "Slomo" to live in the moment

To Minneapolis-based indie-pop outfit Whosah, living in the moment is focusing your attention on what is happening right now, wherever you are. The band are spreading this message far and wide with their latest release, "Slomo." "Slomo" feels like a refreshingly feel-good song, backed by cheeky lyrics asking us to "twist and shout" and "keep it cool." The single is vocally easy on the ears, matched with high-hitting expansive melodies to back the band's mantra of positivity and realness. 

"Slomo" comes ahead of their debut album, and the band shares, "'Slomo" is about living life in the now - your current moment is the only moment we actually have. What do we actually gain from flying through life? What would our lives, dreams, and relationships be like if we took a breath and slowed down. Can we talk in slow motion, can we fight in slow motion, can you love me slow?" Moving between a fast and slow framework of instruments, the band match the message of their music in perfect form. Whosah's forthcoming debut full-length record will expand on the depth or their art. They share they will dial into their signature sound and telling their story of life, love, and mystery, and most of all, being true to yourself. Give a listen to "Slowmo" now. 

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