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Yani Mo blossoms in new video "Anointed"

Georgia artist Yani Mo blossoms in her new video "Anointed." The multi-talented songstress takes a symphonic soul-searching adventure while strolling through the woods

Yani Mo is an open book while she learns from her growing pains and ascends to greatness. She creates a beautiful piece of musical poetry with light drum patterns, earthly sounds, and a singing bird-resembling melody.

When she questions her self meaning in her lyrics, she sounds confident and comfortable. Therefore her delivery coveys that uncertainty is no longer a part of her experience as she refers to her past as "young, dumb, and beautiful." Yani's search for inspiration translates into self-confidence and faith in her artistry. 

The video visually depicts her inspiration search in a tree-covered area next to a riverbank. Being surrounded by nature empowers her vulnerability, allowing her to forgive herself for past mistakes and improve. The popping colors and shining sun symbolize hope for a bright future. Yet "Anointed" transmits a tranquil feeling from ear to mind that inspires listeners to enjoy the present moment.

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