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Jenny JAM struggles to adapt in "Morning Bottle" 

Indie pop and soul artist Jenny JAM has overcome many difficult obstacles in her life and like many of us, has used toxic methods as a means to cope. Her latest single “Morning Bottle” is an expression of just that. It features zealous raspy vocals, resonating guitars and deeply poetic lyrics. The track is produced by Ikuma Matsuda (Interscope Records), mixed by Josh Monroy (Jojo, Quincey Jones) and mastered by Grammy Award-winning Jett Galindo.

The newly released visuals are cinematic and captivating.  Illustrating the untrustworthy people she met when arriving in Los Angeles, the video depicts the fake facades and destructive mechanism she used to deal with it all.  Jenny JAM confides, “I also wanted the music video to portray my living situation; living out a suitcase at no fixed abode, drinking to get through my struggles. The desert and the open road was my escape. Being in such a beautiful deserted location gave me a sense of freedom and power”.

London born and Los Angeles based, Jenny Jam, is a singer/songwriter whose music inspires others to believe in themselves even when all hope seems lost. Her poignant lyrics connect with listeners on a deep level portraying personal struggles many of us can relate to.  The songstress's  influences range from Jazz, soul and blues, to the classic 60’s rock bands such as The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac.  With such a diverse array of musical inspirations,  Jenny JAM crafts a unique sound blurring the boundaries of genres. 

“Morning Bottle” is a lesson to others to stay true to yourself and you’ll be that much stronger for it.  

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