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Tony Njoku's "Rapture" is a kaleidoscopic journey through the artist's mind's eye

Tony Njoku is a concept artist. Flitting between jittery, experimental synths and celestial harmonies, his new single "Rapture" is greatly inspired by Your Rainbow Panorama - a kaleidoscopic, 150-metre long glass walkway in Aarhus by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

Just as Eliasson's sculpture divides the city into various colour zones, Njoku's catalogue is a visceral listening experience, created in order to alter your perceptions.

The British-Nigerian artist's complex pop is a poly-chromatic voyage through his mind. Opening with barbed spikes of electronica, "Rapture" builds into a scattered haze of static synths, pulsating and throbbing throughout the colour spectrum. 

"'Rapture' is a song about the brain scrabbling, yet elating nature of psychedelic experiences. Sometimes we need to have an experience that totally shakes up our perception of reality" Tony explains. "An experience that opens up our hearts and minds to truth, love and freedom. Take the plunge, re-calibrate your mind, there's so much more to this life than we can ever comprehend." 

Its delicate abstraction is layered with Njoku's distinct falsetto, elevating the track into hedonistic realms of "euphoria, liberation, elation". His colours shine through.

"Rapture" is out now, with his upcoming LP Your Psyche's Rainbow Panorama due for release on October 4th through Silent Kid Records.

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