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Job Stanley is pure DIY on "Love Notes to Someone I Don't Really Talk to Anymore"

Job Stanley of Lynchburg, VA has been releasing so much music over the past year. This July, he has released a third project over the span of a year. This latest collection of songs, called Love Notes to Someone I Don't Really Talk to Anymore, It's self-explanatory, and takes a minimalist approach. 

With a total run-time of 16 minutes, Stanley kept the elements of this as plain-sailing as possible. The simplicity of the process comes all the way down to the method of recording: Stanley recorded all of the tracks on his iPhone and performed the tunes in either his bedroom or bathroom. Many of the songs are unpretentious and fundamental, with Stanley singing and playing an acoustic guitar. 

He's been putting a steady stream of music out, album after album. The indie artist released a three-song EP titled The Leftovers in the same month. Stanley says, "I could die any day so, I don't wanna hold on to any art I have and let it go to waste when I know it might connect to some people." 

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