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Inga comes full circle on "talk to me"

Norwegian singer/songwriter Inga makes a splash on our radar with her new sultry single titled "talk to me".

Inga doesn't shy away from expressing her thoughts here and delivers a heartwarming performance with lyrics that touch on the sensitive areas in a relationship. She sings fully aware of her emotions, making her partner know exactly how she feels and what she wants without sugarcoating the details. Wrapped up in a slick, innovative production by Daniel Løberg (Hanne Mjøen, Bendik, Jimi Somewhere, Ponette), Inga surely got our attention from here on.


Inga is the brainchild of Norwegian songwriter Siv Marit Egseth and is signed to Ekko Music Publishing in Sweden. Get "Talk to me" on Spotify.

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Electronic · Neo-Soul


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