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HANA releases new track "Black Hole" with kaleidoscopic music video

Bursting with colourful hues and vivid vocals, HANA's new song “Black Hole” marks a triumphant return for the Los-Angeles based singer. With its kaleidoscopic music video, the release showcases the celestial voice that captivated listeners in 2015. 

The song itself is a similar pace to one of HANA's earlier tracks called “Clay.” She perfectly balances synth-pop with that soaring, angelic voice. The result is a glowing, bewitching piece that looks as though HANA dropped right from the early oughts era of pop. The video features HANA bathed in pastels, behind a rushing, galaxy-patterned backdrop.

HANA's earlier career under the name Hana Pestle saw her touring with acts like Joshua Radin and Alt-rock band Ingram Hill. An early track called "Clay" caught the attention of Canadian singer Grimes, and singer underwent a reformation somewhat in Grimes' image. HANA found herself invited to open for Lana Del Rey and "Clay" featured on HBO's Girls. Since her 2016 self-titled EP, "Black Hole" has been long awaited for.

Photo Credit: Bryan Huynh 

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