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Walk through Alana Henderson's "Museum" of thought [Premiere]

Alana Henderson is marking her return to a solo career with a dreamy piece on self-reflection, jealousy and resignation. After a stint as Hozier's touring cellist, Henderson released one poignant 2017 single. Today, she ends her far-too-long hiatus with "Museum."

The soul-baring first release from Henderson's forthcoming EP was written on pizzicato cello. This has been Henderson's instrument of choice for a long time, but at the time of recording, she "felt like [the track] needed more bite." This bite lies in a muted electric guitar, in lieu of the typical mournful strings. It enables Henderson's vocal to adopt its own pizzicato quality. She plucks her way through the melody with an air of acquiescence. "'Museum' is a glance-over-the-shoulder as the dust settles on a big, formative relationship," Henderson says. "It’s about the things that we learn by messing up, the moments that can’t be replicated in a relationship and how that can all feel like such a waste when it’s over." 

The Tyrone-native has always been an expert at turning a beautiful phrase. Henderson sighs "she gets the learning of lessons I taught, and she gets the walking through gates that I wrought." "Museum" is yielding, but by no means is it amenable. The jealous undertone is palpable, and although Henderson is "trying to figure out how to hold those [moments]" without getting bitter, she's not quite there yet. "The flashes of jealousy slip through."

Connect with Alana Henderson: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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