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R+ reminds us that "Those Were The Days"

Following the release of “Summer Dress”, the inaugural single from upcoming artist R+ has released a new track. The mysterious music-maker returns with a second release entitled “Those Were The Days”, a quintessential nostalgic number released via Loaded Records. The two act as a preamble to an album that’s currently in the works.

The track feels exactly how the artwork looks: like you’re frolicking in a flowery field on a summer day with friends or a lover. It starts off with uplifting synths and progressive build-ups that just elevate you. The soft, hypnotic female vocals create that warm, comfortable feel and sense of yearning. For those of us who are still feeling the lingering effects of the emotionally charged and profoundly nostalgic Cancer season, “Those Were The Days” provides solace and reassurance that you’re not the only one thinking about how things used to be. It’s an evocative tune that captures the 'heat of Balearic summers past'. 

R+ is an anonymous new moniker from some well known artists, so even though we don’t know who is behind these beautiful beats, we do know that he, she or they have roots in the Spanish islands and that more feel-good music is on the way.

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Progressive House


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