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Hot Since 82 shares origin story and the value of performing marathon afterhours sets [Interview]

Daley Padley, a.k.a Hot Since 82, has been at the forefront of tech house for years, and we finally got the chance to catch up with him ahead of his performance at Electric Island this weekend in Toronto.

In the midst of a hectic touring schedule, I wanted to know how often he gigged and if he ever gets the chance to take a day off. "To be honest, I have lost count! But I absolutely love touring and DJing so am happy about this." When asked if he gets to spend much time in the studio these days with such a hectic schedule, his response is honest, "I try and go to the studio as much as I can, but between touring, seeing family, and living life, it is hard to find the time. Often when I am feeling really inspired I have some great studio sessions and produce some amazing tracks in 24 hours!". He goes on to say that he actually does create a lot of tracks on the road, "I guess traveling is when you get those moments for yourself, away from the madness, so it is a good time to get creative. I wrote ‘Buggin’’ on a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka and ‘Tilted’ on a flight to New York!" 

Padley's esteemed label, Knee Deep In Sound, is already 8 years old, and his excitement is obvious when asked about how he feels about the venture. "Really happy! I am so proud of all the artists and releases from the past 8 years and also of how far we have come. But of course, there is still lots more to come! We are always developing and I’ve got a great team around me helping with that." He says with regards to the label since he gets demo's and tracks in his inbox daily there is "always something exciting in the pipeline." "The next big release will be the ‘Therapy’ remixes by Jimpster, Magdalena and Avesie & Cadence. We have also got releases coming up from big names such as Dee Montero and smaller up-and coming-artists such as Oliver Knight."

What I wanted to know about Daley Padley's rise to success as Hot Since 82 was where it all got started. When asked about playing marathon 12+ hour sets in his hometown, Padley exudes thoughtfully, "It really was a very important and special time for me that I miss a lot. Those years spent DJing in Barnsley and Leeds gave me the inspiration to progress into music production for sure. They allowed me to experiment and discover my style naturally without any pressure." We spoke on about how influential those times would be in his development as a producer, and as he agrees, "Yeah, as the music I would end up producing reflected the music that was being played in that environment at that time. Course this style now has exploded and isn’t only heard after-hours, but that is where my sound was cultivated. There, and also during my summers spent in Ibiza with my brother!"

As you could expect, I was eager to hear how the alias of Hot Since 82 took shape. "The name change happened in 2011. It coincided with a change in sound as well, and has been growing ever since! It’s funny because I wasn’t trying to find a name that would take off as much as it did, and I didn’t have any sort of masterplan. I was just messing around and this is the one that seemed to pop!" 

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