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The Hails give us a taste of sweet, sweet "Sugar"

Perhaps our youth is characterized by the days we spend on the playground, laughing without a care in the world⁠—unafraid of consequences and of our future. Perhaps, it is further characterized by the sweet taste of finding ourselves, likening to our taste in growth through rebellion. An introspection into our youthful indiscretions, Miami-based group The Hails gives us a sweet taste of "Sugar", outlining a narrative of a girl who lives life brazenly and recklessly through a crafty juxtaposition that melds truth and fiction seamlessly.

Infectiously upbeat and delectable in its nostalgic groove, "Sugar" is effortlessly cinematic in its delivery yet, untroubled in its harmonic progression. Sprinkled with the fluidity of 80's synth-pop, The Hails balances brass synths with smooth vocals, allowing for the track to rise into a rhythmic bridge that perfectly contrasts the song's themes of empty relationships, substance abuse and failed fulfillment in youthful dysphoria. As the snares and drums kick in and out, The Hails manage to hold us tight, cementing an irresistible trademark sound of their own.

Fatefully meeting at the University of Florida, group members Robbie Kingsley (vocals), Franco Solari (guitar and vocals), Dylan McCue (guitar), Andre Escobar (bass), and Zach Levy (drums) began their journey as The Hails. With the aid of longtime producer Matthew Lewin, the band found their voice and vision for the group's future ventures. Pulling inspiration from music titans like The Beatles, Radiohead, and Frank Ocean, the group found themselves following their blueprint when it came to evolving their music. Covering different genres from Indie Rock to R&B, The Hails' sound stems from the various musical influences from each band member, giving listeners a full spectrum of music choice. 


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Indie · Synth Pop


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