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Trev Deshon struggles with his sanity in "Stressin" official video

Trev Deshon premieres the official video to his debut album title track "Stressin."

Trev is persistent while following his financial goals through the stress life may accumulate. The rapid velocity of the industry has the potential to drive aspiring artists deranged. Trev Deshon stated that the theme for the "Stressin" pushes the theatrics to the extreme, creating a scene where it was obvious that he had reached a max of being stressed out. All the stress from the project and pressures in the world leads him to an insane asylum, where he is seen wearing a straight jacket talking to a psychiatrist.

Trev effortlessly weaves through the high paced hi-hats and a head-nodding melody. He expresses his deep thoughts about survival and aspirations. The song "Stressin" feels like a lyrical mantra for Trev to stay on the grind no matter what, whereas the video's imagery shows stress at its max peak.

He remains in the straitjacket while indulging popular stress relievers such as drugs, guns, alcohol, and women. However, he's too busy stressing out to enjoy himself. Trev has to focus on taking care of his family and supporting friends while embarking on his journey to success. He is worried, but he is determined to achieve, no matter the amount of stress he endures. 

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