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Morii Morii create magic on new EP "Moved Since Spring"

When artists unite to create music as one entity, it's always exciting to see how their respective sounds will meld together. For Brandt Orange and Cyrus Elia, known together as Morii Morii, the unification has given us a beautiful EP titled Moved Since Spring.

Brandt's previous releases have been more R&B centered. Cyrus is more rooted in the electronic space. Moved Since Spring perfectly sums up what happens when their two styles come together.

For Moved Since Spring, Cyrus handled the production and Brandt handled the songwriting. All five tracks showcase their cohesiveness. It's full of groovy vibes and will leave you in a trance. Though each track is a standout, instant favorites are "Used To" and "More Than You Know." The 80s nostalgic synths with Brandt's voice on "Used To" create a vibe that's hard not to catch. Whereas "More Than You Know" is more of a sultry, house-centered bop.

Once you press play on the project, you'll understand why these two artists joining forces was a necessity. Let's hope this won't be the last EP we can expect from the duo. Until then, let Moved Since Spring soundtrack the rest of your summer.

Stream/Download Moved Since Spring HERE.

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