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Success will never go "Outta Style" for Darnell Williams [Video]

Detroit rapper Darnell Williams releases his new single "Outta Style"-- a new song celebrating how not having money is out of style since being dead broke is seriously no joke. 

The intro to the video shows how far Darnell came in just 3 years and how financial freedom changed his life. The beat is sporadic, wild and fun. The claps in the bridge are so alarming and commanding while William's unapologetic lyricism is declarative and lively. "Outta Style" is a truly vibrant track that correlating delivers an intoxicating party vibe.

Williams shows his audience that he got his life together and is doing way better than he was in 2016. Now he is prospering and having fun doing it. The video is a well-produced celebration executing that notion.

Williams has experience making music videos look good, he got his start directing videos for Mac Miller and Big Sean. In 2013, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a music artist.  Now it's time to celebrate the fruits of that labor.

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