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De la Swing and Nico Ferrada set off "Fireworks" "Together" with latest release

De la Swing and up-and-comer Nico Ferrada have come together for the first time to deliver Together / Fireworks, a great 2-tracker released via elrow Limited.

"Fireworks" combines soulful chords with some scattered vocals, and with a downward spiral sound like that, how can you not spiral yourself? "Together" features echoey vocals and shuffling percussions, making it kind of dark and sexy.

Similar to popular tech-house label/s Solid Grooves RAW and Solid Grooves, elrow Limited—founded earlier this year—is setting out to explore more minimal and raw sounds than its big sister label, elrow Music. You may be asking yourself: Ok what does 'raw' even mean? In this sense, I think it means something that doesn't necessarily fit the label's usual 'aesthetic'. When a label is founded, it's usually because someone wants to curate the sound/vibe, so 'raw' tracks are usually less refined and not as "cookie-cutter", for lack of a better term. It shows that the label is branching out and trying different things while still maintaining the original vision, which is great. Speaking to elrow, they are known for their island sound, so it's cool to hear something that's a little moodier from them.

In recent years elrow has grown to be one of the biggest brands in dance music; you could say it's the Insomniac of House. Known for its outrageous colourful parties, themed productions, and stacked lineups, the brand has established itself as a growing force and has now branched out to international events and record labels. Truly a dance music empire. Keep an eye out of an elrow event coming near you! See upcoming dates here.

Buy Together / Fireworks on Beatport here.

Connect with De la Swing: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Nico Ferrada: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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