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"COME WITH ME" as i_o and Raito unleash the darkness within [Premiere]

At the intersection of defiance and progression, close to the precipice of looming darkness and rising from the depths of the cyber realm stands i_o. The enigmatic producer has built an undeniable reputation with his progressive techno stances, carving out slices of robust bass lines and melodic chords for underground pleasures. After a recent collaboration with friend Jauz, i_o has finally returned with his highly-anticipated EP House of God. "The i_o project, while being rooted heavily in classic rave and techno, has touched on a lot of different spaces," i_o shares of the forthcoming EP. "House of God is the culmination of all the sounds of i_o wrapped tightly in a four-track EP."

Ahead of the release, EARMILK has the distinct pleasure of exclusively premiering one of the tracks, "COME WITH ME". A collaboration with producer Raito, the release comes as a titillating perspective on dance music, convictions ever-present in its delivery. 

Immediately seizing every sensation, "COME WITH ME" opens with a classic techno sound, darkness an omnipresent element throughout. Thumping, unabashed kicks and sharp percussions lead, progressively rising to a bridge laden with grit—before climaxing to an elusive blend of high-octane textures and modulated flair. Evidently, both i_o and Raito are particular in their sound, carefully curating a fine ratio of vocal chops to beat. The duo understand the drive behind each note, and unite it effortlessly, tenebrous in its seamless transitions and resonating in even the most hidden subtleties. Coming together in a perfect reflection of seeping darkness, "COME WITH ME" ushers us into an industrial soundscape that continuously seduces us further—proving the duo's multi-faceted talents.

Pre-save House of God here.


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