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GHEIST releases otherworldly 'Arrival' EP via Diynamic Records

Berlin-based four-piece unit GHEIST unveil their first Diynamic Record release, fittingly titled Arrival. In a whirlwind of alienated synths and eclectic chords, the two-track EP curates signature modern breakbeat sounds and studded future pop elements for a deep, melodic sound uniquely their own.

Propelled by a deep melodic entity both melancholic and euphoric in equal measure, Arrival exudes individualized versatility, tilting our perspective on electronic music. The title track "Arrival" opens with robust conviction as classic breakbeat rhythms flow effortlessly into crisp, worldly synths, rising and falling with subtle vocal hooks. "Unusual," on the other hand, follows with a more toned ambiance. Modulated vocals shine through, matching the infectious melody. GHEIST manages once again to create a record which sets them apart in today's musical landscape. It's a perfect mirror to their versatile live-hybrid performances.

GHEIST are a Berlin-based four-member production and live band who have been conquering some of the city's best known dance floors for the past three years.  They are regulars at one of Berlin's landmark venues, Watergate, which is also where they kickstarted the project. The group have since experienced a meteoric rise, wowing audiences across the globe with their rich and emotive sound. Always one for versatility, GHEIST alternates between full-on live performances and hybrid DJ sets for a fusion of house, progressive, and techno textures.

Stream/buy Arrival here.


Connect with GHEIST: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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