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Reckonize Real links 'Bridges & Tunnels' on his full-length project

Producer Reckonize Real has been cooking up the heat for years now, and is back in full force with his fifth album Bridges & Tunnels. The concept album sees the artist work with emcees from different locations who come through to represent their various cities on wax. Utilizing obscure samples and a unique arrangement style, Reckonize Real helps bring the listener close to the mix of the action as each song sonically conveys a cinematic canvas for the respective emcee to draw upon. 

From the solemn introductory track "Entrance" to the grooves of "Epic Tales" with Rasheed Chappell to the ethereal textures of "Gold Coast" with Blu, there is a whole lot to latch on to over 12 tracks. To get the full effect of the theme, it’s best to listen all the way through. For a taste of what’s on the menu, check out the hard reality of “No Business Like Dope Business” featuring Jamal Gasol, or the poignant social commentary of “A Treasured Hour” featuring Paranom of the Tragic Allies Crew.

In summary, Bridge & Tunnel is redefined as the lifelines that connect people and their experiences. Stream the entire project here.


01. Entrance f/ Antonia Marquee

02. How It Is f/ Guilty Simpson

03. Gold Coast f/ Blu

04. Epic Tales f/ Rasheed Chappell

05. Nightmares f/ The Bad Seed & Nowaah The Flood

06. No Business Like Dope Business f/ Jamal Gasol

07. Too Cold f/ Mayhem (of EMS)

08. The Remedy f/ Teek Hall

09. Inquiries of Treasure f/ Paranom (of Tragic Allies)

10. Silver Tongue f/ Jun Classic

11. Winter Rain f/ Vic Monroe

12. Take Time f/ Glad2Mecha


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Hip-Hop · Rap


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