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Lightbox drowns out the pain on "Let Go"

Lightbox is a collaborative project from South German singer Tim Foschiani and drummer Konstantin Häring, who share a love for crafting retro-fitted futuristic pop tunes. On their latest release "Let Go", the duo deliver a resounding piece that bridges the past and the future under the 4-minute mark. "Let Go" is rife with dreamy ethereal textures, lush electric guitars that envelope the vibrant drums, and most importantly, catchy melodies laced with nostalgia and warmth.

"Let Go" serves as an outlet for the duo, as lead singer Foschiani lets out his frustrations on the track - "I'm broke as fuck, ain't got no luck..." The listener can easily feel the pain in his gripping vocals, reminiscent of 80s action movies power ballads. Hit the play button and enjoy all the way.

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