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Nitti Gritti and the power of variety [Interview]

It's hard to put a firm definition on the "Nitti Gritti" sound. His music spans a large spectrum of genres, from trap and dubstep to future bass and house. Eclectic taste and production versatility are crucial in today's dance music landscape, and for Nitti, they lie at the core of who he is.

"I play everything in my sets, so if I get to play as much as I want in an hour, I might as well make all the different styles," says the Miami-based producer. The seemingly straightforward reason also aligns with a bigger purpose. "I make music at random times or segments in my creative process. So it's actually very natural for me to switch in between them, just like my sets, focus, and attitude in life - I love keeping myself occupied with VARIETY," he later adds. 

I cannot think of any other artist who embodies the word "variety" better than Nitti Gritti. Even within his relatively small house catalog, he is always challenging himself and traversing through different subgenres. In his last release "Eyes On You" featuring Jimmy Levy, he strayed away from his usual bass-centric sound and brought us a summer house anthem brimming with melodic allure.

The creative process for the track was marked by Nitti's penchant for spontaneity. "So my friend Jimmy, the guy singing on the song, sent me a little voice note of the song one day. And on the same day, because we both live in Florida, and I was like 'yo you should come over. I actually have an idea for that.' And we literally recorded it the same day I heard it. A month later, I actually ended up finishing how it sounds now with the actual drums and stuff, but in the beginning, we just put the piano and his GoPro to record his vocals. I pretty much just wrapped it up on my own and added the drop and the house summer vibes to it," he explains.

Nitti Gritti's latest offering manifests this "keep us guessing" intention well. Last Friday, he returned to Tchami's imprint Confession with another house EP 4 On The Floor, surprising with splintering Fisher-esque tech elements. House is actually the first electronic genre Nitti Gritti discovered."When I moved to Haiti (because my parents were missionaries), house music just started becoming popular over there and me and all my friends would listen to it and discover it," he shares.

Nitti is now ready to go back to his roots and release more rock-inspired, melodic future bass tracks in the style of his first breakout remix of San Holo's "Light." Looking ahead, the artist shares his plans for "definitely a lot more melodic stuff because I actually do make a lot of future bass. Some of my biggest stuff, such as the remix of 'Light', is melodic. I have some more of those coming out as well." But this is only one of his two personal favorite projects at the moment. What is the other, you ask? A heavy dubstep EP including a collaboration with Shaq AKA DJ Diesel.

Stream/buy 4 On The Floor here.

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