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Aria Ohlsson hitchhikes a rain-soaked highway in "Drive" music video

Aria Ohlsson's second single "Drive" is a showcase of the 21-year old artist's ethereal vocals, and its new video sets Toronto-based Ohlsson strumming along a misty road in the countryside or peering through a rain-speckled windshield.

Since the release of her first single "Heaven" back in May, Ohlsson has garnered attention globally, grabbing the Apple Music's New Artist of the Week title in June. "Drive", like her first single, proves that Ohlsson has lyrical creativity and a voice to match. The song paints a picture of a young artist traveling unending miles to find success. As Ohlsson says about the single, it was "inspired in Los Angeles, developed in Vancouver, recorded in Toronto and mixed and mastered in Montreal." It's set in stone that Ohlsson has the drive and talent to move her career forward. As she works to finish her debut EP I Wonder About Heaven Sometimes due out in September, I'll be over here listening to "Drive" in anticipation.

Upcoming live dates:
July 22 - Kulak's Woodshed, LA
July 23 - The Lexington Bar, LA
July 25 - 1 Hotel West Hollywood, LA

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